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Small Blades are typically used on a grinder or a circular saw.  Blades are designed for specific application and materials.  Proper guarding and eye protection is strongly recommended. 

Most of these blades can be used dry or wet; look at each description to see the recommended RPM. 

For optimum speed and product life, soft bond blades are used for hard material such as granite and hard bond blades are used for soft material like marble. 

Scorpion™ Turbo Diamond Saw Blades

The Scorpion name means value. The Scorpion™ Turbo is the right blade for the job site...tough, fast and easy on your wallet!

The Scorpion Turbo works great on granite and hard marble, and can also be used on concrete block, brick and terra cotta tiles.

The Scorpion Turbo blade is made to work as a general purpose blade; coarse diamonds and segments are spaced wide for aggressive cutting and speed.

  • Larger segments provide aggressive fast cutting
  • Designed to be use for multiple applications
  • Ideal for cutting granite, brick, cement, backer board, pavers
  • Dry or wet cutting
  • Cooling holes extend life by cooling blade core
  • Quad holes allow for inside corner cut & clean up & notching on sizes 4”, 4-½”, 5”, 6”
  • 7” has diamond knockout for use with circular saw
  • Available in these sizes:
    • 4" x 7/8" to 5/8" Arbor, 13,700 RPM Max
    • 4-1/2" x 7/8" to 5/8" Arbor,  13,300 RPM Max
    • 5" x 7/8 to 5/8" Arbor, 12,000 RPM Max
    • 6" x 7/8" to 5/8" Arbor, 10,000 RPM Max
    • 7" x 7/8" to 5/8" Arbor, 8,500 RPM Max

Scorpion™ Diamond Flush Cut Saw Blades

Flush Cut Blades are designed for fast, aggressive cutting. The use of flush cut blades with the Flush Cut Adapter  or flange allows flush grinding with the blade because it extends the blade past the spindle or arbor. 

Flush cut blades come in several designs which have diamonds that extend toward the core of the blade on one or both sides.

  • Aggressive cutting and grinding
  • Extended “T” segment on one side of blade
  • Designed to be used to grind and shape stone
  • Dry or wet use
  • Quad holes allow for inside corner cut & clean up & notching
  • Cooling holes extend life by cooling blade core
  • Ideal for cutting, grinding & shaping granite, marble & other natural & engineered stone
  • Available in these sizes:
    • 4-1/2" x 7.0 x 2.6mm arbor, 13,300 RPM Max
    • 5" x 7.0 x 7/8" x 2.6mm- 5/8" arbor, 12,000 RPM Max

Scorpion™ Diamond Contour Saw Blades

Scorpion Diamond Contour Saw Blades give you more bang for your buck when doing sink cutouts!

The high-quality diamond coating allows for smooth, close cutting with less time spent grinding.

Scorpion Contour blades produce a smooth cut with less chipping.

  •  Designed for sink cut outs
  • Fast, smooth and clean cutting
  • Cuts curved area cleanly, safely and accurately
  • Diamond slots ensure easy and uninterrupted passage through stone
  • Available in these sizes:
    • 4-1/2" x 7/8" x 20mm Arbor, 13,300 RPM Max
    • 5" x 7/8" x 20mm Arbor, 12,000 RPM Max

Scorpion™ Continuous Rim Tile Blade

  • Fast, chip free cutting
  • Economical
  • Available in these sizes:
    • 4" x 5/8" Arbor, 14,200 RPM max
    • 4-1/2" x 5/8" Arbor, 13,300 RPM max
    • 6" x 5/8" Arbor, 10,000 RPM max
    • 7" x 5/8" Arbor, 8,500 RPM max
    • 8" x 5/8" Arbor, 7,500 RPM max
    • 10" x 5/8" Arbor, 6,000 RPM max
    • 12" x 5/8" - 1" Arbor,  6,200 RPM max

Quad Adapter for Diamond Saw Blades

Quad or Flush Cut Adapters can be used with hand held grinders for many cutting applications.

Use on turbo or flush cut blades with four holes designed to fit the adapter.

  • 5/8-11 Thread
  • Also available for Skilsaw