Diamond Finger Bits  are ideal for fast stock removal as well as truing up saw lines. 

Braxton-Bragg has the right finger bit for your needs. We have finger bits designed to cut Granite, Engineered Stone and Marble.

Diamond Finger Bit bonds and segment designs are unique. We offer the bond strength and brands you need.

Scorpion™ CNC Finger Bit

Scorpion CNC Finger Bit

  • Soft Bond
  • Faster cutting and longer
  • Clean finish after cutting
  • Less noise and less amp draw

The Scorpion™ Finger Bit Soft Bond is ideal for hard stones like granite. Hard stone requires the finger bit bond to be softer. Softer stone are milled best with a finger bit with hard bond.

Scorpion Sink Wheels

Scorpion Sink Wheels

1/2" Gas Thread Brazed Sink Wheels

Sink Wheels that maintain a true shape!

Braxton-Bragg is proud to offer our customers these exceptional center water feed sink wheels. They are made for us by a well known ISO9001 certified manufacturer and are of the highest quality.

  • Tough, reliable and long lasting
  • Use on all types of stone
  • Vacuum brazed bond
  • 1" Dia. x 2"L x 1/2" gas thread fits CNC or radial arm machines
  • Will maintain true shape
  • Center water feed